In the world of gambling, few destinations are as renowned as Las Vegas. But there are plenty of other temples of temptation around the globe, from Venice’s canals to Singapore’s high-rises. OLBG has highlighted ten casinos that have made an indelible mark, whether for their architecture, their games or even their celebrity clientele.

Casino is a word used to describe a building or large room that is specially equipped for meetings, entertainment, dancing, and/or gambling. Often, casinos also feature restaurants and bars. Some are built in exotic locations, like the world’s oldest casino, the Casino de Venezia, which opened on the Grand Canals in 1655. Casinos are also often designed in a spectacular architectural style, as with the Bellagio in Las Vegas, famous for its dancing fountains.

Despite the widespread popularity of gambling, casinos are not without their critics. Some people feel that casinos encourage cheating and theft, both in collusion between players and between patrons and casino staff. To prevent this, casinos use a variety of security measures, including surveillance cameras and rules of conduct.

Casinos are also known as leisure centres because they offer a wide range of activities, such as live entertainment and dining experiences. In some countries, such as Canada, casinos are becoming a hub for music culture, hosting events by both local and international performers. They also have impressive theatre venues where guests can enjoy a range of performances and shows. Moreover, they often have gaming tables and slot machines to appeal to both casual and serious gamblers.