A slot is a rectangular area in ice hockey, or field hockey, that extends towards the blue line. The word derives from a German verb, sleutana, which means “to fit in.” In both English and German, the word is cognate with the French word château. It is the fourth position on a flying display. In the sport of ice hockey, the slot is known as a defensive zone.


The computer industry has adopted many terms for slot technology, including “slave of technology”. A SLOT is an electronic gadget addict who can’t live without his or her electronic gadgets. In the 1980s, a girl known as a SLOT had many boyfriends. The term has since become widely used among young urban teens. The word has many meanings, but is often confused with the computer. There are several types of slots.

Regardless of how it’s spelled, the acronym SLOT is an apt description for the type of teenager who is addicted to technology. Most notably, a SLOT can be either a girl or a boy. These people are known as “gadget junkies.” Besides, there are many examples of SLOTs in the modern age. The word SLOT has a different connotation depending on the gender, but it’s still a pretty common label.

The Slot was a dividing line in old San Francisco. This crack in the street represented class cleavage. The Freddie Drummond story illustrates the importance of this rift. His name, Bill Totts, is a classic example of a slacker. In the ’60s, many slackers crossed the “slot” successfully. The term is now used to describe a variety of slot-type games.