A slot is an opening in a computer. This opening is sometimes called an expansion slot. It allows the user to expand the capabilities of a computer by accepting add-on boards or expansion boards. A computer’s bay is an interior site where a disk drive can be installed. The slots are typically located at the front or back of the computer. The word slot is a grammatical synonym for the word bay. In computing, a slot may be used to indicate an open position or an unoccupied one.


A slot can be either narrow or wide. Some machines have many slots, while others are limited to a certain number of devices. The most common type of slot is an ISA (International Serial Access) slot. In computer science, a slot is a gap or opening between two planes. It is used to facilitate the flow of air over the wing. A slot can also be a position in an organization, the middle of a casino, or the space between face-off circles on an ice hockey rink.

A slot is an opening or slit that facilitates the flow of air over a wing. Another example of a slot is a machine with an expansion slot. It is a convenient way for a computer to add additional hardware capabilities. A typical desktop computer has at least a few of these slots. A computer with a lot of expansion slots will be able to add new hardware capabilities in the future. If you’re wondering what a slot is, take a look at a coin.