Slot is a game where you spin a set of reels to match symbols. The symbols can trigger prizes, multipliers or wins. In the most popular versions, there are also bonus rounds and jackpots.

The main concept of slot game development is to create a simple and entertaining game that offers fair rewards to keep players interested. It should also be easy to play, so users can enjoy it without getting bored quickly.

Game Design

Before beginning the slot game development process, you need to determine the type of game you want to create. Consider what your target audience is looking for, how they will play it, and what platforms they use.

Sketches and wireframes are created during this stage to show your artists how the game will look. It is important that the sketches are realistic and display how your game will progress as the user plays it.

Symbols and Winning Lines

The next step in the slot game development process is to define the symbols that will be used in your game. This is a tricky step as changing the symbols may affect the whole game component.

The winning lines are displayed above the whole slot machine component. This way you can easily add the different winning lines with a click of a button and check if the symbols on each line are part of a win or not.