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Joe Thiel PGA MP

For the past 3 decades we have discovered the following techniques that speed up the process of developing student's golf game foundation building.
We have also found that if students never get the opportunity to develop these simple irrefutable foundations they will struggle in the game forever to some degree. Have a look at the text below accompanied by many pictures as you discover what the hands especially do in the golf swing via short game practice.


1. With your left hand only hold the club out in front of you parallel to the ground. Turn it to the right in a fully cocked position and then back to the left keeping the back of your left hand dead flat and even bowed in the impact area. Do it gently as the club is quite heavy held this way. After a few reps bring that held club down a bit on typical wedge plane line and repeat. You will start to recognize how the forearm bones actually rotate with the wrist. This is also one of your warm up drills each day before you practice or play located at the end of the book.

2. Next do the same thing with the right hand only but the entire time hold the set wrist all the way back and forth. This will retrain your wrist the new system of delivery you not only need in the short game but in your full swings.

3. Soon we will advance these drills to one handed chips and pitches that will then really advance your learning. It is fun to watch even beginners learn how to incorporate these one hander's into their practice routines and become even in the first day of their short game instruction pretty good at them. Translation into the long game comes surprisingly quick. (Note the great right hand wrist position throughout the swing of this real time shot.) (This will dynamically accelerate your game)

I wanted to show the very difficult portion of the left hand only drill and the tendency that all of you will have at first with the disconnect of the left arm and the body at impact. This was our students first time with the left hand drill but she was immediately able to keep the back of the left hand perfect throughout, dead flat at impact and well held and rotated into the follow through. Note the wonderful natural and automatic movement of the body in these frames. For each of you we need a little more connectivity with arm and body but learning what a sound left wrist and hand feel like will take your game up several levels.