Developing Trigger Words

Golf is such a unique game. Endless is the journey to great golf, and that in itself makes it so enjoyable. You will never arrive to perfect in golf, but you can push many barriers down in your quest for better play and scores. If your quest is to break 90 in score, you can surely, with practice, do that, or if your desire is to be a single handicap player, with determination, help with instruction and a quality practice schedule, you can also break that barrier. To accelerate golfers through these barriers, we have developed “T” words (or trigger words) for our students. These “T” words have deep meanings for the golfers and they trigger the subconscious mind to perform the tasks naturally. Let me give you several examples. This past week I was working with one of my university players who desires to soon play the LPGA Tour. We had 3 major points we were working on in her swing and I was quietly looking for my trigger words which would trigger her to perform all 3 without consciously thinking about the mechanics. First, we mechanically worked on each area separately. 1. I wanted a more connected top position, less loose and floppy, more solid and in time with her body. 2. The next area was that she needed to quiet her body movement and stay in posture during her backswing. 3. Last, she needed to be well balanced during the forward swing and entire swing for that matter. After working 15 minutes or so in each area, she understood each area well and started training her mind and body these new feelings. Next we created her trigger words that told her subconscious mind how to perform it. Her new words were “Pure Quiet Power”. As I said these words to her she started hitting every shot strong and accurate. Now these words will become part of her pre-shot routine in competition. This is a great key to unlocking your potential in golf. “T” words keep you from becoming too mechanical in your swing with your conscious mind. They trigger your s ubconscious mind where great golf is played. Other examples of players and their “T” words are: Sam Snead: Swing in molasses Davis Love: One Piece Jack Nicklaus: Transition Nick Faldo: Body/tempo Betsy King: Let it go All of these “T” words have many meanings to each of these players. They tap into our minds without consciously thinking about the mechanics of the swing. In high level golf, we have to learn how to get out of the way so we can swing with our trained subconscious mind. In your next practice sessions, find your trigger words which will unlock your swing potential.


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