"It has been a great opportunity for me to watch, translate and observe Joe Thiel instruct and coach for over 2 years Japan Tour Player and China's # 2 professional player Ashun Wu. Joe's passion of teaching golf is phenomenal. His knowledge of golf is a like encyclopedia that covers extensively every and all aspects of the game of golf."
Zhi Chen   UNLV PGA Golf Management graduate
Joe has worked with me for 10 years now and still finds new ways to help me progress.  His understanding of how each student learns allows him to cater his teaching style to best fit my game and personality.  I now have a much better understanding of my game and how to fix it when things are off due to Joe's instruction.  Joe has always been very positive in our time together on and off the course and he is always available to talk when I need him.

-John Eisentrout

We met Joe when our son was 10, after Sam surprised us by doing very well  in his first year of tournament golf.  As non-golfers, we were looking for someone who could guide and shape Sam's apparent natural talent, and help Sam realize his potential in this sport he clearly loves.  Fortunately, we were given some very good advice from some of Joe's older students, who suggested we approach Joe.
After a thorough written application and a family interview, we all realized this was a good fit.  So we got to work.  Sam's first few lessons were focused on wedge shots, followed by work on his full swing, and then putting.  We followed Joe's suggestion of a team approach -- Joe as teacher, Sam as student, and a parent as "assistant", making sure lessons notes are documented, a post-round performance review is completed, and annual goals and practice routines are defined.
We have continued in this pattern for 3 1/2 years, with excellent results.  Through it all, Joe has been a remarkable teacher.  He brings over 35 years of hands-on experience in teaching golfers of all ages and levels.  Whatever the lesson that needs to be learned, it seems Joe has seen it before and has not just one, but multiple ways to convey the needed teaching point to Sam.  He understands that every student is different, and that each will pick up on a particular concept in their own way.  So if something isn't working, he just moves on and quickly finds another way to get through to Sam.  As a result, much is accomplished in each and every session.
Perhaps most remarkable is Joe's level of energy, passion, focus, and commitment that he brings to each lesson.  Each session is a concentrated time of learning for Sam, and he always leaves a lesson feeling challenged, but invigorated.   Usually he goes straight to the practice facility to began working on what he just learned.  After a few weeks, he is always asking for more.
As we look back over the last few years, it's hard to imagine what Sam's life would be like without Joe.  Joe really is a big influence in Sam's life-- as a teacher whose golf expectations Sam wants to live up to, and as a connection to some of Joe's older students that have become Sam's golf heroes and role models.  And perhaps the biggest influence is Joe himself -- always bringing enthusiam and positive energy, combined with rock-solid core values. This makes Joe a wonderful role model for how Sam can build a life full of goodness, doing for others, and achievement of big goals.

Don Warkentin

Joe Thiel started working with our daughter Kristen Rue a little over two years ago.  The energy Joe brings to every session was immediately apparent and she began working on any and all drills Joe assigned, completely reworking her swing and touching every area of the game, relatively late at the age of 16.  The results are a testament to Joe's teaching ability and her work ethic.  As a freshman she is currently playing number one for Washington State University.  We knew Joe would be a good  instructor for golf, what we did not know was how much he would influence our whole family.  Joe is a living example of what it means to be a Christian.  We are so fortunate to be able to say he is our friend.  

Sincerely, Forrest Rue


Joe, Thank you for a wonderful day of sharing and learning! Yesterday's seminar was outstanding! I have heard nothing but rave reviews. I know you took a lot of time to prepare for your presentation and it showed. All the information you presented was extremely beneficial and timely for our coaches and teachers. Your handouts were excellent and I'd like to ask permission to use some of them for our team. The post game evaluation forms could be very helpful to our team and help our students pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. Thanks again for a great day and your gracious hospitality! I can't wait for the season to start so I can try out some of the ideas I learned!

Dianne Dailey, Wake Forest University Golf Coach


Joe, We have so appreciated you over the many years you have taught our son. You are one of those rare individuals that I hold as a model of integrity, hard work, and caring. I do not feel there has ever been a time all these years when you have not given your best at every moment....always an "A" effort. We appreciate what you have contributed to Chris, to our own family, and to the world at large.

Sue Lawton, mother of D-1 Pac 10 College Player


My name is Dr. Paul Callaway. As the former Director of Physical Therapy for the PGA Tour and creator of the Body Balance for Performance® complete golf health and fitness training program, I have made it my business to know what the essential factors for optimal and safe golf performance are for golfers of all abilities and experience levels. Afer all, success in golf and in any other endeavor requires careful consideration to include all of the identified essential ingredients before true success can be achieved. Omitting even one small percentage of one ingredient from the recipe for success can make the total difference between achieving your optimal performance goals--or NOT! Specifically in golf, there are five essential factors that are required to achieve optimal and safe performance:


  • Professional instruction
  • Golf-specific mental training
  • Golf-specific physical training
  • Properly fit equipment
  • God-given talent

Moreover, other than the talent factor that is beyond our control, the other four ingredients must be customized according to each golfer's individual goal structure and the performance factors must also be completely integrated for maximal success!

With this understood, having consistent professional golf instruction to fully integrate with the necessary amount of mental training, physical training, and equipment needs to help take your golf game to your desired performance level; this is mandatory as one of the essential ingredients for maximum fit success and enjoyment in this wonderful game. Undoubtedly, for any golfer who wants improved results on the golf course, choosing the right professional golf instructor is a very important decision.

In my 20 years as a health care professional dedicated to a specialty in golf, I have met and worked with hundreds of golf instructors. However, the individual from whom I have personally learned the most and have developed the greatest respect for as a golf instructor and as a leader is, Mr. Joe Thiel. Besides his extraordinary credentials as a Master PGA Professional and Top 100 Instructor with over 35 years of successful teaching experience, Joe has consistently demonstrated the highest levels of personal integrity, commitment to his students and passion for teaching that I have ever known.

Joe takes the personal responsibility to make certain that every student is properly exposed to every one of the essential ingredients for optimal success and achievement of their goals. He is closely networked with the leading professionals in their respective areas of expertise from all over the country, who will be used as resources for support as necessary to attain the most efficient performance results. He is a master at identifying the learning style that is best for each golfer and adapting his approach to gain maximum communication levels that facilitate greater understanding of the methods for optimal and efficient skill development.

Most impressive to me, however, and a method that I have personally incorporated in my own work, is how Joe thoroughly interviews each and every student before a mutual decision is made to begin working with a student. Joe really wants to be in touch with the heart and soul of each student (and their family) that he chooses to instruct. He knows that success in golf and success in life depends upon the strength of relationships. When his relationship with each student is developed to the level that trust and belief are unconditionally strong, then any challenge on the golf course and in life can be overcome.

Consequently, I strongly encourage you to schedule a consultation with Joe as soon as possible. He will impact your game and your life in a very positive way. I give him my highest endorsement as a professional instructor and as a human being.

Dr. Paul Callaway


I have had the pleasure of working with Joe Thiel on numerous occations as he presented many of his seminars to our high school and college coaches throughout the Northwest region. Joe is not only one of the kindest people I have ever met, his knowledge of the game and acceleration principles is second to none. It is rare to meet someone who can teach the game of golf in such a simple and effective way. Our coaches and myself personally are better teachers and golfers because of Joe.

John Twining Director Clinics Northwest Golf Coach East Valley High School


Joe has an a huge impact on my golf game. The great thing about Joe is that he has a real emotional connection to all of his students. It's nice to leave a lesson knowing that he wants me to improve as much as I want to improve. He is one of the most positive people I have ever been around, and that energy is something I try and carry into my tournaments and practice sessions. Not only is Joe a great instructor, he is a great person, and a great friend.

Brock Mackenzie Nationwide Tour Professional


I believe that Coach Thiel's teaching method is the best in the world and I believe that with our determination and Coach Thiel's teachings nothing will go wrong. Coach Joe will help you not just with your golf game but will help you to become a better person

Thank You, Arthur Kim


I have worked with Joe for 7 years and he has helped me change my game and achieve my goal of playing on the LPGA tour. Joe cares about more than just the golf swing, but encourages developing the entire golf game; from mental strategy to the physical health of his students.

Paige Mackenzie LPGA Tour Professional


Joe Thiel World Wide Golf Schools fuels the hope and desire of every competitive golfer's needs and want. Joe's excpetional gift of translating the intricacy of the golf swing into simple, feel based, "oh I get it!" understanding, has the effect on his students to become their own teachers and to play golf with consistency, understanding, and strength. His experience, his teaching methods, combined with his knowledge of the mental side of golf, has drastically transformed not only my game, but the outlook of my life. I cannot thank Joe and hi s academy enough for the transformation he has made with my game and with my mind. It is definetly a place of inspiring dreams, and realizing potential.

Richard Lee


Cory can’t get to Olympia quick enough! Lesson time with you is highly regarded in this family. Right off the bat, your enthusiasm grabs Cory (and us!) and serves as a huge motivator. From the very first lesson, it was apparent you had a great eye for the golf swing and a true understanding of the game. We look forward to working with you in the years ahead.

Marty Mehl


Dear Golfer, If you are considering working with Joe Thiel you will be glad you did. First of all, Joe is one of the nicest people you will meet and is fun to be around. Secondly, Joe has a tremendous eye for the golf swing. Over the years whenever my son has had a problem generally Joe was able to help him immediately. His experience and knowledge are invaluable to anyone trying to improve their game. In addition, Joe uses technology to catch on tape what he cannot see with his eye. Joe has taken my son from a very beginning golfer to a D-1 College player. Tyler's success is in large part attributable to Joe's teaching allowing Tyler to work on the right things. Tyler worked hard which is required but , Joe gave him the direction and leadership to help him attain his goals. Not everyone aspires to take their game to this level. I strongly feel that whether you are just trying to get better or have loftier goals Joe can help you get there. He is fantastic!!

Sincerely, Mike Matthews Michael S. Matthews Senior Vice President - Investments UBS Financial Services Inc. Bellevue, WA


My name is Mathew Park and I am one of Joe's students from San Francisco."Joe Thiel World Wide Golf Schools fuels the hope and desire of every competitive golfer's needs and want. Joe's excpetional gift of translating the intricacy of the golf swing into simple, feel based, "oh I get it!" understanding, has the effect on his students to become their own teachers and to play golf with consistency, understanding, and strength. His experience, his teaching methods, combined with his knowledge of the mental side of golf, has drastically transformed not only my game, but the outlook of my life. I cannot thank Joe and his academy enough for the transformation he has made with my game and with my mind. It is definetly a place of inspiring dreams, and realizing potential."

Mathew Park


My daughter Anna has been taking instruction from him for only about 3 months. What an improvement. Her swing continues to get better & better. She flat out loves her lessons with him and his passion for the game. He is so patient and communicates his instruction clearly. My daughter's pretty quiet, but soaks in all Joe says and more importantly, all Joe Is. He's a great person first and a phenomenal golf coach second. To say something about Joe that would solely revolve around his exceptional teaching ability would only be one voice among thousands expressing their admiration. To say something about what a special person he is.... well, it would only be one voice among many affirming their accolades. He's just a phenomenal person. It wouldn't be hard to fill a page with positive quotes about Joe. You're a lucky guy to have Joe in your life.

Best Regards, Ken Bourland Anna (daughter)



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Joe Thiel has spent 40 years helping others learn and enjoy the game of golf.He is one of only a few golf professionals in the U.S. who has earned the prestigious PGA Master Professional designation. The local PGA region has honored him as the PGA Teacher of the Year three times - in 1993, 1995, and 1997. He was also inducted into the Mercer County Hall of Fame in 1999, and into the 'Millennium Who's Who in America.' Golf Magazine has also honored Joe with the title of Top 100 Teachers in America for many years and Golf Driving Range Magazine has also honored him as one of the top 50 Teachers in America. More About Joe.