After Goodfellas put organized crime on the map, studio heads were quick to sign up for Casino, a film with the same director (Martin Scorsese) and two of that movie’s stars (De Niro and Joe Pesci). In a moment when violent, profane criminality was at a peak thanks to Quentin Tarantino and a host of millennial auteurs indebted to him, Casino looked like a monster hit in waiting.

Stepping into a casino is an intoxicating experience. You are surrounded by opulent colors and lights, the sound of clinking slot machines, and a feeling of excitement that permeates the entire atmosphere. Casinos use these emotions to make money and attract visitors. They do it by promoting games of chance, offering generous bonuses and creating a unique atmosphere for players to enjoy.

But there is one truth that every gambler must face when entering a casino. It is that the house always wins. This is a fundamental fact and it does not change no matter what game you play or how much you win. To maximize profits, casinos hire mathematicians to analyze and understand the house edge and variance of each individual game. These numbers determine how much the casino can expect to win as a percentage of turnover and how large of a bankroll they need in reserve. They also determine how often and to what degree they can reward their most loyal customers. In order to attract new players, a casino must offer an assortment of games that are both familiar and innovative. It should also partner with top game providers like NetEnt and Amatic.