A Master Teacher's Secrets to Accelerated Golf Performance






Takes students on the correct journey of developing their golf game from the foundations forward.

This book was born out of my relentless pursuit of study. Study so I could assist thousands of golfers to learn to play the greatest game on earth in the most orderly, competent and simplest way possible. Not just play the game, but to learn how to accelerate their development building an uncluttered systematic golf foundation that will always be reliable throughout their golfing life.

Inside this work you will learn for the first time substantial irrefutable foundational principles that have been the hallmark of Joe's instruction producing some of the world's finest players. Here is a sneak peak at a few chapters along with a few acolades of some who have read the work.



Next learn to put your hands on the club without dropping your right shoulder at all. You will notice such a change and if you can hit a few shots you'll likely for the first time feel as if you can pinch these shots off concrete without hitting fat and skulled shots.


HOW IMPORTANT IS "GRIP PRESSURE? Not only is it extremely important but you can't learn it any other way.

PRESSURE POINTS - If you have not been exposed to these irrefutable pressure points of golf development then you will likely never reach your power, path, and face consistancy potentials.

Since pressure points in the golf swing are paramount to great ball striking and in my opinion can not be refuted, each player must learn not only what and where they are located, but how to monitor these points starting first with the short game until they become habit. It just can't be accomplished any other way. If each of you reading this material could climb into the body of a tremendous ball striker and just feel that players hands and arms throughout the golf swing you would be shocked. Many of you would share that you had no idea that the hands and arms in golf should feel that way since your way is nothing like that. You need to learn or relearn the correct feel.


Just this little drill alone has been a "student revelation" and must not only be understood but performed correctly. IT IS FOUNDATIONAL. An absolute requirement!!!

No one is taught this way but it is in my opinion the only progressive way to learn fantastic repeatable foundational movements for the rest of your life.


Years of research and student development have shown me that few understand how the hips actually move and hold in golf. One of the cornerstones of my instruction career in shot making and total game development has been the role of the pelvis and hip sockets, (asis joints.) Easily learned in the short game area but "truthfully nearly impossible to learn in the longer game. Without it every single student will never reach their God given ball striking potential. It is ground breaking and imperative to great ball striking. It is not difficult to learn by all if started small and then working forward. I personally believe possible professional careers have been dead ended early because of this misunderstanding.


"Incredible, incredible and smart"

Bill Rogers-British Open Champion

Joe, as a master instructor, has shown me over the last 10 years how to learn and understand the game from the foundation up. We have built my game in the sequence and order in which this book has been written. I guess I can say, "I have learned the game backwards!" Foundations need to be built first before you can add the rest of the story. Joe knows that if you have a solid foundation you will always be able to go back and count on those foundations to correct your game. This book should be used as a road map to your golf game. If you start from the first page and apply the lessons in order to the end of the book, you will understand the great game of golf like you never had before.

Michael Putnam

PGA Tour member

In the past ten years under Joe's teaching method's I have won at the local, state, and national levels, with 2008 being my banner season winning four National tournaments and being named USA Rolex Junior Player of the Year. Who would have thought or dreamed a kid from Lacey, Washington could achieve these honors? Joe did. This is just the beginning; Joe and I have bigger dreams and expectations to reach. I know if others following Joe's methods are willing to work hard they can also achieve great things.

Cameron Peck

United States Junior Amateur Champion

United States Rolex player of the Year 2008

Joe Thiel is a man of integrity and intense professionalism. Studying Joe's book adds a whole new dimension to learning the truth of the game and applying it. Joe has distinguished himself as a teacher of the game to students of all levels. His methods are remarkably ingenious. They have been tested in the fire of competition and are proven strong and applicable to not only the serious competitive golfer but the beginner as well. Joe communicates the game in the way it should be progressively taught. He really knows what he's talking about from years of personal instruction and study. His progressive methods of building the golf swing from the green to the tee are revolutionary and a marvelous resource for both the teacher and the student.

Wally Armstrong -- PGA Tour player -- teacher -- writer.

In my 28 years as a health care professional dedicated to a specialty in golf, I have met and worked with hundreds of our nations top golf instructors. However, the individual from whom I have personally learned the most and have developed the greatest respect for as a golf instructor and as a leader is Joe Thiel. Besides his extraordinary credentials as a Master PGA Professional and Top 100 instructor with over 37 years of successful teaching experience, Joe has consistently demonstrated the highest levels of personal integrity, commitment to his students and passion for teaching that I have ever known

. He is a master at identifying the learning style that is best for each golfer and adapting his approach to gain maximum communication levels that facilitate greater understanding of the methods for optimal and efficient skill development.

Consequently, I strongly encourage you to read this great work that is set before you that will not only astonishingly quickly impact your game but also impact your life in a very positive way. I give Joe my highest endorsement as a professional instructor and as a human being.


Paul Callaway, PT, PhD

The PGA Tour's First PT

"Joe Thiel is the consummate teacher. His ideas are cutting edge and will help you find what your game has been missing. I believe in his teaching. This book is awesome!"

Dr David Cook Ph. D.

Voted top 10 Mental side experts by Golf digest. Author of Golf's Sacred Journey

I consider Joe Thiel not only a great longtime friend, but also one of the most dedicated and qualified golf professionals I have ever known. Having worked firsthand with Joe, I know he invests an inordinate amount of time on researching anything he undertakes...his commitment to understanding the dynamics of all aspects of the game is unmatched. He has taught some of golf's finest players around the world and is continually searching for new ideas that will help golfers of any level. If you read and study this book, you will come away with a better understanding of how the golf swing really works and how you can determine what you can do personally to improve your game.

Mike McGetrick1999 PGA Teacher of the Year

What you will read in his book is the same philosophy that he taught me, which is to work on the body first and from the green backwards. We worked on the fundamentals of all body positions so that I could get the most out of my swing and athletic ability. Then we attacked the short game to help build a fundamentally sound base for building my golf swing. We think of the golf game like a pyramid and you must have a solid foundation to reach the top.

"At the completion of my college career at the University of Washington I was the Golfweek #1 ranked amateur." In the two years since I have graduated I have continued to improve my game and compete on the LPGA tour.

Joe Thiel has a clear guide to establish the foundation to get the most out of your natural ability and also a great vision on how to use that to play at the highest level.

Paige MacKenzie LPGA Tour


book-cam-image From one who is considered among the nation’s top teachers comes A Master Teacher’s Secrets To Accelerated Golf Performance, an informative and practical guide to achieving success in golf.



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Joe Thiel has spent 40 years helping others learn and enjoy the game of golf.He is one of only a few golf professionals in the U.S. who has earned the prestigious PGA Master Professional designation. The local PGA region has honored him as the PGA Teacher of the Year three times - in 1993, 1995, and 1997. He was also inducted into the Mercer County Hall of Fame in 1999, and into the 'Millennium Who's Who in America.' Golf Magazine has also honored Joe with the title of Top 100 Teachers in America for many years and Golf Driving Range Magazine has also honored him as one of the top 50 Teachers in America. More About Joe.